Thursday, November 13, 2014

Taymoor Marmarchi, Will He Save Arabic Pop? @TaymoorM

Arabic music does not have much going for it right now. The political climate in most Arab countries is toxic, piracy is still a big issue and no one seems to want to tack it seriously and treat it as a crime. But one music executive has an uphill battle to make money for the industry. I mean music producers have done many things--their own networks where advertising money flows, product endorsement, live mega concerts, touring the world with their artists and few other tricks.

Enter the stage Taymoor Marmarchi, the guy who knows a lot about music, though he knew more about the international model and he is now working to revolutionize the industry. He speaks with hope and shares few details. Platinum Records which is largely owned by MBC picked him to run their music arm. There are also reports that MBC no longer controls Platinum Records.

In a big event last month in Abu Dhabi, the stars of the company were present and there was a big blitz. You really cannot make money is piracy is still legal. I am hearing him say that he wants to recruit non-Arab artists. This London native, and US bound Iraqi son has also worked in Beirut for years. Now he has a chance to lead and figure out a new model. He is talking about a new site Evolve, we do not know what it will be. It could be a platform for digital content which is where everybody is headed. I guess maybe TV without the set. It will be an inclusive for all artists not limited to the artists within the label.

Taymoor is talking about a new label that will help Arab artists produce songs in English for the Western market. I am thrilled to see them compete against Rotana and this comeptition will encourage innovation.

Here's a suggestion, take down these file sharing sites or sue them in a court of law.   

تيمور مرمرشي | مدير عام شركة بلاتينوم ريكوردس | Taymoor Marmarchi | GM Of Platinum Records


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