Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paula Yacoubian Turns Tires Into Chic Handbags (Video) @PaulaYacoubian

Fashion has found a comfortable home in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Now one fashion designer is doing something really cool. She is turning car tires into a fashion statement hand bags. This is something really feels good. There are too many designs and styles. Vea is the name of the brand.

Not sure if they have been used old tires or new one, but the good news all profits will go to benefit an environmental group that works in Lebanese to help preserve it. They are talking about social responsibility and doing well by doing good. Paula Yacoubian is the designer who drove this creativity, marketing is a big help. I am hearing the news on the prices are good. Recycling is gaining up in more countries. Her fans seem to love her and many celebrities were in attendance.

But Paula is not just a fashion designer. She is the the host of a prime time talk on Future News network. She has hosted a political talk show on the US funded Arabic TV channel Alhurra. She has so many good looking friends. The bags are not just for women, there's a line of men bags as well.

بولا يعقوبيان أطلقت حقائب صديقة للبيئة مصنوعة من الدواليب


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