Monday, November 17, 2014

Listen: Majed Al Mohandis ... Ya Hob Ya Hob From His Arab Idol Apperance

He did go to Arab Idol where he reveled his latest hit. This is Iraqi romance hit-maker Majed Al Monhandis. This is an artist who seems like a private person, but his music is nothing private. He is romantic song best friend. He sings where he can make money--the Gulf that has been really good to him.

This is why it's no surprise that one more single from this super talented and super well dressed musician comes in the Gulf tongue. I like what voice he has and I know he is a styling man, I am just not in love with this song. Majed does well when he does standard Arabic pops that are free of dialects.

The beat on this song is all local, it does it sound universal like he is known for. He is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeves, but he is also a singer who performs on big private weddings in the Gulf if the pay is right.

Majed Al Mohandis ... Ya Hob Ya Hob | ماجد المهندس ... يا حب يا حب


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