Monday, November 3, 2014

This Fun Show Is Worth Watching

This is kinda of a fun show. Bring an A list celebrity and make them work in some shop-in this video find Khalid Selim selling cake. Place them in a store, give them a uniform and have them do their best in fooling patrons.

It's fun to see the unassuming strangers try to sneak a look at the celebrity trying to see if they know this person, I like the feel of this program, lots of cheer and good vibe. Khalid did a fine job, I do not know how his coworkers are standing by and looking.

The bit when people try to take pictures of him, and then he gets upset....he puts the serious face. He tells people that he gets that a lot and he gets in the act. He tells them he hates the guy who he looks like him. It's a good idea--I doubt it's original. This is a well-acted plot, then he cries when his boss cuts his wage.

خالد سليم في برنامج مشبه عليك


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