Monday, November 3, 2014

When Simor Jalal (The Next Kadem) Met Abdullatif Al-Shaikh (Video) @SimorJalal

Simor Jalal captivated everyone who saw him on the Voice, he traveled far and his charm stayed close to our hearts. The son of Baghdad, and student of its music institute found a poet who believes in his talent and things got nice ever since. Not to be overlooked is his high-regarded musician status as he writes music as well. He has already shown that the internet loves him.

A singer is not much without good lyrics that shows off their vocal muscles. This is a well-written poem about making choices, and deciding if you are in a relationship or not. Simor wants to know or he wants to have a Determine The Relationship. The music video feels a lot like Kadem Al Saher in "Akrahoha". But this wonderful thing is that Simor may be a new Kadem Al Saher in the making.

He is so handsome, in a very classy way, this is really good. For a young artist he has not gone for cool, instead he wants to be cool by being good at what he does. While he has done few singles, this new song by Saudi poet puts him at a much higher place. The poet is Abdullatif Al-Shaikh, The poet wrote something that blends Arabic classical poetry with contemporary feel.

Other Arab artists who sang some of his poems are Kadem Al Saher, Ahlam, Carmen Soliman, Assala, Mohammad Abdo and so many others. It's always a romantic tale where the love interest is stuck in the middle unsure what move to take next.
سيمور جلال - قرري - الكليب الأصلي ٢٠١٤م H


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  2. Thank you for this article.
    Simor is the most promising talent.His mesmerizing voice touches you deeply.