Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mc Dahab Shames Families For Selling Their Daughters To The Highest Bidder

Mc Dahab took a sabbatical from rap to work with his old man at his shop. He also went back to school and decided to give his school a lot more attention. But as all artists know, you cannot be out for too long. the urge to comeback is too big to ignore--there is so much going on to set on the sidelines.

For some the song talks about Egypt as if it was a morally challenged woman. He can get away with that, but had he said Egypt, he maybe going away for some time. I am a bit overwhelmed trying to decode this song. Egypt is running away from its people, it's a country for the ones who like fear and the ones who want to pretend that everyone agrees with them. Those people see anyone with an opposing view to be a "terrorists" that needs to be killed. You can be Islamist, or a liberal, it' does not matter--to them you are a traitor.

According to the artist, the song is about women who are forced to marry someone because he happens to be rich. The real struggle is when she is 18 and the bride is 35, but he has money and the family likes that. She does not know any better at this young age, and she agrees out of trust to her family's judgment. then she realizes is the big mistake she made. And the honeymoon is over, and she begin to reflect back on her love.

I hope the song is now about some woman, this is disturbing if so. But this song might be about women rights, as Dahab is grilling dated social norms where women are viewed as labiality. Dr. Dina Abu Al Dhahab drew these images that accompany the song. Note, the spoken word that leads to the song, it's pretty powerful.

Edfnuha Bl 7ayah - إدفنوها بالحيآ | ام سى دهب - Mc Dahab


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