Sunday, November 16, 2014

Five Times Haifa Wehbe Was Too Much Scandal-- The Naked Dress

Haifa Wehbe makes news by showing off skin, and talking trash. The time she made news by appearing on Star Academy, but her performance was not the attraction or the talk of the media, but rather her see through dress. It was a good night for sleazy folks and haters, Haifa blamed the llightningon stage.

It was a bit much, she really let little to the imagination, and I am sure lots of folks are secretly happy. Giving that many viewers for Star Academy are females and younger folks, this might have been a poor choice, but with Haifa it's always gonna make news.

Here are five times when she said or did something that people found controversial.

She danced with every inch of her body alongside famed Egyptian belly dancer Dina to the tunes of Amr Diab who was there in the flesh. Also this was in 2013.
شاهد عمرودياب يغني ويرقص مع هيفاء وهبي ودينا

Telling viewers that her haters can kiss her ass, and she faced the camera and pointed to her butt, asking people to kiss it.

 هيفاء وهبى تشير على مؤخرتها وتقول لكارهيها :kiss my ass

That time when she was on a Ramadan prank show and she cursed, and used gutter and crass language against the TV host and crew.

برنامج رامز عنخ امون - الحلقة 9 التاسعة - هيفاء وهبي

Dirty dancing during a live concert with Shaggy, I do not mind that one as much since it was a concert and people were there on a purpose. She really danced to sexy lady...

Haifa Wehbe & Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady

And once on a TV program she poked fun of herself to show off her sense of humor, and then she impersonated herself as seen by the impersonators.

خفه دم هيفاء وهبى فى حديث البلد


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