Monday, November 24, 2014

World Meets New Pop Sensation Mirva Faour

Mirva Faour is name for a Lebanese artist, she is an accountant by training.She did study music, but she did a number of events in Lebanon, and then she had the guts to release a single and it was a hit on Lebanese radios.By Mirva's words, the song did not leave Lebanon, she chose the song and gave it away to radios, and there was interest she says.

She did sing for the Lebanese community in Africa, she toured few countries and she had a lot of success. She is breaking into the scene, it's crowded times, but the guy who interviews her is the worse he sounds like he is reading off a list.

She self-produces and she is not willing to give away 80 percent of her earning to some greedy company. I like that, and I think she is awesome, but times are tough and music is not making money as much. Concerts are becoming a lot more scarce. This was not a comfortable interview for the artist, it seems she is not relaxed and that interviewer is not very bright.

ميرفا فاعور | Mirva Faour |مقابلة |Interview

Mirva Miyit Darbeh ميرفا مية ضربة


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