Thursday, November 6, 2014

Egyptians Singer Hany Shaker Wants To Kill Fellow Egyptians (Video)

Gone are the days when Hany Shaker used to have a tender heart and sing romantic songs that make men and women want to cry. At least we can still cry to his most recent comment, where he wants the government to kill anyone with a gun. In a phone call to a deranged talk show hosed by madman Ahmed Musa, "Any person who has a gun, needs to sleep six feet under", "no need to put them in jail" he said.

The singer and the host put more value on protecting the presidents image than on the life on their fellow citizens. The soft-spoke singer also wants the government to declare war "no need for investigations"....just go kill people! No need to take them to court, just kill them.

The moronic host added, "The US killed 20 thousand Afghans, we do not need to hear about the law and rights" "Any person who is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood we need to deal with them without regard to being guilty or not!"

By the same logic, America should have arrested all the Arabs and Muslims in the wake of 9/11 terrorist attacks. Both the host and the singer are idiots. Watch the exchange and how both agree that Egypt needs not to be a nation of laws. Never will Egypt be a an advanced country, they always blame their problems on others--at least these two.

انفعال هانى شاكر و احمد موسي على الهواء بسبب حدوث اكثر من تفجير اليوم 5.11.2014


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