Monday, November 3, 2014

KIKI C ft. Cassandra Kay Party It Up In "The Mediterranean" @casskaymusic

I like music, and I like the's a song that combines them all and with Ferrari. No clue who are these silly people jumping around the screen. It's unclear to me who is KIKI C and who is her guest Cassandra Kay....but I imagine two young women with a lot of time. I will not speak to their talent and be nice. Now this is KIKI C's first single, released this past summer. This is mix tape single. The single was a hit as it was picked by several radio station's in Lebanon. To top is all off, On August 29th 2014, KIKI C performed her Single " The Mediterranean " at the biggest summer event in Lebanon.

I just learned Ms. Kay is an Australian singer/songwriter, which explains the beach....Why would this air on an Arabic music video network? The vocal bit where the word "Mediterranean" is heard, you see some potential and it's actually a cool vocal teaser. KIKI C turns out to be a Lebanese rapper but who seems more like an exotic model. The two young artists who hail from the outback found their way all the way to the Mediterranean and made a party friendly track.

Enjoy this MTV grade materialistic entertainment that offers little artful value. I know some young souls in the Middle East will enjoy this breath of fresh air. Just do not let the sun burn you.    
KIKI C ft. Cassandra Kay - The Mediterranean


  1. I love her! Kiki C is the best... I love the Mediterranean song!

  2. Awesome party song!! Love Kiki C, Added The Mediterranean to my playlist...

  3. Amazing Love this track and Love Kiki