Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Find Me A Man!" A Girl Looking For A Real Man Song

"Bring Me A Man", "Find Me A Man", is how I would translate the song's title. A song about a dare to find the singer a man not to marry, but show her a real man. This is what new comer Yousra is singing about in her latest song where she is surrounded by her girlfriends.

So they go to the club and find a dancing clown, and another one. The singer is fed up with up with pretty boys who may not be man enough for her taste. And there's a woman dressed like a man...confused yet? How about a bodybuilder?

She may be looking for love in the wrong places, I do not know where she can go to find what she is after. But it looks she was lucky enough to find her quest. The song has the same title as a popular movie that was released earlier this year 

Hatoly Ragel - Yousra هاتولى راجل - يسرا


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