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Impress Your Mother-In-Law By Telling Her You Love Nadia Mostafa

Your mother-in-law does not have to be a foe, you just need to show her a side of you that shows her that you respect her. Their greatest fear- that you will be taking them for granted or that you think they do not understand your emotions. They do, you only need to remind them to those moment when they listened to voices like Nadia Mostafa.

Nadia Mostafa is one of the most underrated divas in Arabic music, the living legend who rocked the 80s and 90s does not get much air time anymore--she did release a new song this year. She came from the most beautiful era where when with big hearts have ruled the scene of Arabic TV. She did not some innovative manger, she only had her dazzling voice and the folks have fallen in line for her.

I recall as a little boy in Dubai, she performed on some TV celebration and I recall seeing her live. Nadia is best known for her romantic sensual songs, she has also sang for musical comedic plays, popular, national, religious and social. Throughout her career, Nadia Mostafa, released a number of albums, among them is cited 'Wala Kan Ala Baly', 'El Solh Kheer', 'Ya Maya'.

She is married to a Syrian artists Arkan Fouad and has two daughters. I love this lady's voice, she only gives heartfelt songs and her lives shows are something you enjoy sitting on your seat and your eyes closed. She is considred among those people women adore very much. Her tracks helped shape the dreams and asiprations of every little girl at a given time.

نادية مصطفى - كل دقة في قلبي - حفلة اضواء المدينة

Reema Morgan "Daftar Asamy" The Anti Glamour Song

When an African looking girl from Gaza made waves, the Arab world took notice of this guitar playing Reggie looking talented young woman. Meet Reema Morgan who represented Palestine on the popular show Arabs Got Talent, and now she appears in a duet song with fun singer Noor Najih. I have not noticed her before, but finally I got to hear Morgan's voice and boy this girl can bring down the house.

"Daftar Asamy", a names notebook translates the title. Both artist celebrate the common man in Egypt, the ones who do the dirty jobs and get dismissed by society yet they wake up everyday doing what they have done best. The song has a funky vibe to it, coming from the outfits and the off color and off the wall musicians appearing on the video. The songs is about the rich feeding off the poor and making money off their backs.

The song takes place on the roof of some home in the slum, people living there are the kindest people one can meet. She sounds like she comes form those areas even though it's hard to crack the code of such residential areas. I am certain in Egypt she would pass for an Egyptian. Naturally, both artists do a rare song where we celebrate the man who gets often neglected and little thank you. 

Together the made a very effective song, that raises so many issues without alienating folks or sparking a class warfare. Their song does change styles and speed as it progresses which keeping me guessing.  

دفتر أسامى الهاموش - نورناجح وريما مرجان - Daftar Asamy

WATCH: The X Factor Arabia Judges Promo 2013 اكس فاكتور ٢٠١٣,

The British are coming to invade the Arab world once more time, this time they are doing it through shows like the X Factor. Yes, I know this is the hundredth singing competition program, but it seems they have truly scored some of the biggest names in Arabia pop to judge the show.

Three Lebanese (Wael Kfoury, Elissa and Carol Samahe), and one hit maker form the United Arab Emirates Hussein Al Jassmi. The panel of four judges will be providing their skills, personalities and celebrity status to bring rating to the program, which will air on Lebanese network MTV.

Such shows are advertiser's wet dream, Pepsi seems to have a lot of control over the X Factor and its various editions around the globe. I am sure people will watch this show for few reasons I can think of. For starter, those are all hot names and active in making pop music. Second. those names do not particularly give many interviews, so people are hungry to get a peak at those celebrities when they are being themselves.

The first episode will air on February 8th, and the promos are already dazzling us with what to come.
The X Factor Arabia Judges Promo

The X Factor Arabia - إكس فاكتور فى الوطن العربى

Listen: Angie Amin For The Love Of #Egypt جديد انجى امين - مصر بلادى | ذا فويس

The contender on the MBC produced The Voice Angie Amin is making the media rounds with a new patriotic single for Egypt. I love the guitar strokes, it makes me think of a beach-side vacation. The song leaves me baffled for a second until Angie hits the high note and I am all back in.

I like the production that allows Angie to show a versatile vocal chords ability. This is a plea for the young people marching in the streets to calm the f**k down. I like young stars who try to join in the ranks by releasing a song at a time when all the big names are hiding.

Again, we wish we were not listening to a song about Egypt, we wish we do not have to think about troubles in Egypt, but under the circumstances I think we might be hearing few more until the dust settles.

Injy Amin - Masr Blady / إنجى أمين - مصر بلادى

The High Schooler That Electrified Arabia

Carmin Soliman is the undisputed Arab Idol--she is the first. And she did it while she was in high school. The girl that comes from a family who likes to sing and lovely parents who are strong supporters. I feel Carmin can do no wrong, she seems like a bright young women with a great voice. Carmin is someone who has musician training, and passion to make good music.

She has not made her own tracks yet, but all the covers she has performed live and on the show indicate she has all the right equipment. She is a princess whose future seems to be rosy  She has shown grace, real emotions and real ability to sing in more than one language  She laughs in interviews, she speaks like a real person would.

So far, Egypt has booked her on dozens of public events, and she has performed  alongside big names, this is a great star for a young talent. Hear her do a cover of this classic hit for Abdel Halim during her performance at the MBC Egypt launch.

وانا كل ماقول التوبة كارمن سليمان افتتاح MBC مصر

Video: Syrian Rouwaida Attieh Sydney Concert

The Syrian and Lebanese expats who call the Island of Australia home, won't let the music stop. This is why in the Australian capital Sydney, they had a sold out concert with one of the hottest young A lister entertainers in Syria, Rouwaida Attieh. She is one of the most authentic and realize throwback to all things classical in party songs written in the Bedouin dialect.

She is fresh from a divorce, and a hot new single once again. She hit the road with her new and old songs to cheer up folks who appreciate her style. Her strong and almost manly voice can move monuments. Her stage persona glows and brings people to her.

She is truly the life of the party, and people see that. Not sure if this was a wedding or a concert, but either case Rouwaida Attieh owned the night. Syria might not be in the perfect mood right now, but voices like Rouwaida tell us at least they are alive.

اهلا بهل الطلة حفلة سيدني

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joseph Attieh vs. Ramy Ayach Who Is Copying Whom?

Ramy Ayach has been around for almost twenty years and in those 20 years he has always look sharp. The stylish Lebanese pop star and heartthrob has crushed many hearts in the process and made so many hits that has enriched the Arabic music scene. Some media outlets in Lebanon are having a slow day, so they wrote an "analysis" with pictures accusing Joseph of copying/channeling Ramy.

Four years ago, enter the stage a young pop star with the name Joseph Attieh who took part of the Star Academy program and dazzled folks with his charm, his warm voice and his look. Most people did not miss the similar look Joseph has, he does look similar to Ramy Ayach and that's not a fault of his own. They both seem to shave their heads, show some muscles and look good.

Along the years, Joseph started releasing photos of himself, and those photos, music videos made everyone confuse the two stars. Naturally Ramy Ayach would be pissed. However, some people thing imitation is the greatest compliment. Not Ramy and his friends and fans. I do not know for Joseph sets at home thinking o copying Ramy's style. Stars like to wear shades, and look slick.

I do not think some of the pictures you see above are worth the debate. For example guys like cars and they like motorcycles. But they dress like Ramy is worth some answers, pose like Ramy photos might need to be explained. Could it be that the same photographer took those photos? Plus, do not you think photographers read the same magazines and copy the same picture concept?

I believe we have both talented entertainers who have meet success in their respective careers. It might be that Joseph really like Ramy, and I know he has spoken about the similar look they both have. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

To be fair, Ramy Ayach has come to the defense of Josef Attieh here "He is my friend and I won't let people attack him" he was speaking about his fans criticizing the young singer. Joesph sounded happy with the new tone and spent his love and respect back to Ramy

Joseph Attieh - Te'eb El Shouq / جوزيف عطية - تعب الشوق

Salalem Band Finds The Stairways To Heaven

Among the many diverse Egyptian rock bands, stands Salalem. A band that takes it's name from an Arabic word that means stairs. They might not make as much noise and fireworks as the other bands, but they constantly make better songs that promote hope. I like hope and optimistic voices in Egypt, the people need some joy.

Salalem is funky without being silly, they are retro without being overbearing. This is the feel I am sensing from their new song and music video. They are just a group of friends who happen to be musicians."Life is a bedroom" is the title of this new light rock gem.

You must really love those t-shirts the band members sport. This is the band's second music video following another one they released in 2011. They filmed this music video at a local liberary in one affluent Cairo pocket.

Salalem | El Donya Oda | Official Music Video سلالم | الدنيا أوضة

The Incredible Old School Throwback By Shayma Helaly شيما هلالي - إمتى نسيتك

Whoever suggested that the Tarab song is dead poke too soon. Tarab songs are the old sounding real songs with minimal computer affects, real instruments, slow moving melody, strong vocal showing "forte", and the magical overall feel.

That formula has been working for generations, but it seems to have been lost due to the overcrowded pop music scene. But an unlikely star is bringing it back with a new style of her own. Tunisian Shayma Helaly who had a good run in 2007 and 2008 is making her much needed comeback noticed with her new romantic ballad. One of things about Shayma is her obsession with the golden era songs since she was a little girl.

I am encouraged to hear and watch the song, because most stars are now banking on doing Gulf songs instead of trying for the real deal. This is a like giving CPR to this old style that has been buried for at least two years. Shayma came a long way from her days at the Star Academy show, her delicate persona and strong voice offer the perfect formula for a warm and soul- friendly sweet performance.

"Emta Nseitak" turns little boys into men and teaches woman all about the emotional complexity of that thing we call love. The music video was filmed in Lebanon, and Shayma wear five different outfits in the duration of the music video. While no one can miss the artist's good and stylish look, her voice stole the show in this golden performance.

Note the special and visual affects the music video director Fadi Haddad puts to a good use. The lyrics are the work of the A lister, Mohammad El Refaei and Ameer Mahrous and We are hoping for her comeback album, due this year.

Respect Shayma Helaly! This lady can rock!

Shayma Helaly - Emta Nseitak / شيما هلالي - إمتى نسيتك

Sami Yusuf "Salaam" The Game Changing Album

Muslim rock persona and hit maker of top-rated religious themed songs Sami Yusuf is releasing his fourth international album this December 2012. "Salaam" is the simple and straightforward album title. The album will be released international in the Canadian city Toronto with a mega concert in the city that hundreds of thousands of Muslims call it home.

You have it folks December 22, 2012 Convention Center. The album will lift up your spirit and change your world into a peaceful one, hopefully. We have already listened to a single from the album "It's A Game" where the London based and world famous musician stepped up his game.

The album has also been shared with the good people of Malaysia in a mega concert and the artists has singed hundreds of copies to his fans.

Sami Yusuf - Album Trailer (RIS International Release)

Lebanese May Matar Quits The Show Biz For Now

May Matar was everywhere three years ago when she released a response song to chauvinistic inclined song. She was cool, proud and she walked tall. Then her two subsequent singles came through, she made some concerts and at least two music videos. but now she is ready to release her last song which she personally wrote and composed. "La Ya Qalby" is that forthcoming song.

May has expressed her frustration with the show biz, and she has made it clear she would not be honored to work in this industry that contradicts so many of her values. And yes she is also getting married soon and has a wedding to plan. May has just gotten engaged to a Lebanese man whom she has been seeing for about three years now.  "You just cannot make a living In It Anymore", "And thanks Good, I did not do any private parties where I would have to compromise my upbringing."

May has added, "I am in the process of opening a new healthy eatery in partisanship with my brother", "I am also looking into starting a beauty salon where I would manage it" But May is a smart person all around, "I am go back to doing songs for the fun of it, not for the money"

The young songstress ruled out any role her fiance has with her decision -he was disappointed in her decision  but welcomes it too. He actually traveled to Canada to see her concert over there. I have always admired May, and I support her decision  she was smart enough to realize it and come public about it.

MAY MATAR - Mitlak Mich AyzeenRjal - directed by Ziad Najjar

Listen: Diana Haddad - "Naam Seedi" ديانا حداد - نعم سيدي

Diana Haddad had a piece of gold late last year with a new romantic song in the Lebanese style she became famous for. We thought to ourselves, the hit-maker is back and she is bringing it all in style. And then came the buzz kill a new single that shatters our hopes in the revival of the old Diana Haddad. Maybe we were asking her too much when we want her to be herself all over again. Maybe that cute, loving and strong voiced lady never existed in the first place.

Why does she insist on making songs in local Khaliji (Gulf) dialects that no one likes and no one is asking for? Those songs suck on so many levels. For starter they are not all that great, and they bring none of the good sound quality we have come to expect from Diana. I would listen to any thing she sings, but if it's a song in the Khaliji dialect, I tell you this, I won't give it a second listen. And this is coming form a guy who like Khaliji songs.

"Yes, Sire" is the title of her new song, meant for the Gulf men, who think they own the world. She is happy to be there one of the boys, listening to their requests and conquering with it. It seems that Diana is unwilling to turn back the clock to her glory days. She wants local concert deals in the Gulf as well as wedding parties that come with a hefty paycheck and gifts.

I am reading this song is recorded in the local dialect of Kuwait  there are different shaded within the greater Gulf dialects.

Diana Haddad - "Naam Seedi" ديانا حداد - نعم سيدي

Tomy Omran Murdred By His Gay Lover In Upcoming Music Video

Saudi-American pop star, model among other things Tomy Omran is talking u his next music project. He is filming a music video for a song he has recorded "Angels In The Sky"

For the story Tomy would tell an unconventional love story, he has a secret gay lover who has a crush on him, but Tomy likes this Brazilian girl and wants to get married her. So the secret gay lover is enraged and tries to break up the lovely love story. He tries to work on the girl's side trying to ruin her image of Tomy. Then he offered to give Tomy money to get him to change his ways, but Tomy does not buy it.

So, the obsessed gay lover does, the next logical thing, he murders Tomy. I know a lot of Saudis have talked about doing just that, because they Hate Tomy not love him. But sometimes those are the same thing. So the deranged lover murders Tomy in front of his future wife's eyes! To take revenge. The story is subtle so, if you do not know, you would not know unless told otherwise.

Stay classy Tomy, this is the last thing gay people need, you show them as murderers and crazy people, they already have tons of trouble, you are not making is easy for them. I know people are called you names before, so I do not know what the message here, and it seems from reading all those comments, I am hardly the only one.

I do realize that some people are a little sensitive when the issue of homosexuality and Saudi Arabia are in one sentence, there is passion on both sides of the debate. And yes, there are a lot of lies, denies and delusions on this matter. Tomy is addressing a problem as he sees it.

I think his foes just chill, he is an entertainer doing harm to no one. He is making the dance tracks that make sense to people who like European and Russian parties and DJs. Tomy has gone to lengths no other Saudi man has gone, he is kissing on camera. I also find his sense of style compelling. The back story requires some attention  but goes well with the theme and the general mood of the song. It's something different that most Arab sings feel like.

Angel in the sky - Tomy Omran - 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lebanon's Hottest Composer Salim Salemeh Speaks

Salim Salemeh is one of most known and popular composers in Lebanon. He is never too busy, but most Lebanese stars seek him out and work in his studio to record songs they are hoping to release with the man. Salim likes to defend his work and he does not take criticism well. He is often caught in arguments with other singers and composers in Lebanon. Salim was on a radio show the other day and he has shed some lights on what it feels to work with those pop stars we love so much. Here are few nuggets of information from the composer.

  1. Elissa is the hardest singer to work with, she demanded a lot in the studio and hard to please. 
  2. Nancy is the easiest one to work with, she does not give anybody a heard time at all. He loves working with her and he gives her his best work.
  3. Melhim Zein can also be a headache and so is Mohamed Iskander and Ragheb Alamah--they all want good material and it takes time.
  4. Elissa's hit form 2009 album "'Aa Baly Habibi" was offered to Nancy Ajram first, but because she was pregenant at the time, it did not make sense for her to sing about wearing the bridal dress. 
  5. A hit song is the one that changes the career and the price of a singer, Faris Karam had his skirt song, Mohamed Iskander has "The Republic of My Heart" hit and other as well. 
  6. Saleem thinks Ragheb Alama is the Arab world's most important artist and not the Egyptian pop star Amr Diab.
  7. Assi Hallani is not a great singer composer combo, something Melhim Barakat argues. He still needs time argues Saliim.
  8. Not a big fan of Fares Karam's new song, he thinks it was made by a bunch of kids who little experiences. The song is about not lying to one's wife  
  9. Ramy Ayach needs a good heart and better manners, he has the right to say he would not work with me, but he is crossing the line when he says he does not believe in my talent. Ramy needs to go back to his old style that made him popular in the first place. 
سليم سلامه يغني عبالي - هيك منغني 31-3-2012

Listen: #Egypt Is A Women By Amal Maher امال ماهر - انا بنت من البنات

Amal Maher has released her second single in a row for Egypt. She is a proud lady whose success was only possible in Egypt with all its rich history in music. This time though, Amal Maher declares her love to Egypt as a women, among many.

This is the kind of song grownups will appreciate. Egyptian women are often overlooked in many fields, but they are as patriotic as any of the boys. They go to school, they lean despite many unique obstacles, and they also excel. Amal Maher is nothing short of passionate in this song, the often romantic and heart broken songstress has finally found something that gets her in the mad as hell zone.

The song is about celebrating the achievements of the women of Egypt, they get all their positive attributes form the land and from its story. I need not to declare my love to you Egypt, because I was born one of you. It's about raising up to the challenge and making something good. The song starts with Amal Maher reading the lyrics of the song, then speeding thing up.

I am one of the girls, goes the song. A very timely song to help the women, young ladies, girls and older ones who are living in troubling times. I have grew up to become a school principal, a minister, a judge and an ambassador.

Amal Maher - Ana Bent Mn El Banat | امال ماهر - انا بنت من البنات

أنا بنت من البنات

Listen: Cedar Zaitoun New #Palestine Song أسمك يا وطنّا - سيدر زيتون

After the Palestinian Authority won the UN recognition as a observer member state, many people in Palestine cheered, others were confused by this decision. Not Palestinian folksy songstress Cedar Zaitoun, she knows this is good for us. I like her voice and her style, she is a hard working vocalist who remains attached to the land and the people even when it's really challenging to do so.

This is why she has a new track out celebrating the new state in style. Ceder is a talented Palestinians singer with patriotic strains all over her body. The song is titled, "Our Homeland, Is Your Name", the music for the song is the world of her husband Ramy Zaitoun who composes most of the music for her songs. Ramy Shabana wrote the song's lyrics

I am sort of happy about the UN bid, but part of me is unsure what it means. Cedar is wrapped in all Palestinian scarf and flag colors. As she released the song, a statement from the artists read, "I am pleased with the UN seat, this is an important recognition and a first step toward justice and getting the rest of our rights", " send this song to my fellow Palestinians and hope they like it."

In very short period of time, and quietly the young songstress has established herself and the quasi official voice for Palestinians aspirations, she is the voice that unites people of Palestine (West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem ) and the ones living abroad.
 أسمك يا وطنّا - سيدر زيتون

Egyptian Rap Discovers Auto-Tune مهرجان الراب المصرى - أم سى أمين وسادات و فيلو وتوزيع حاحا

Rappers have finally found a way to appeal to the people who got no education and no money, use auto-tune to tell them your message. Therefore four rappers from Egypt's poorest areas put together a rap festival where Auto-tune was their fifth wheel. That means each and every song on this album project has been blessed with the auto-tune treatment.

For some reasons, Egypt's poorest find this technology fun, and therefore performers from those areas have been using and abusing the technology. While most rappers in Egypt are preoccupied with the politics of the country  those rappers are concerned about making it through the day. They tell tales from their blocks and random residential areas.  

MC Amin, Saddat, Felo & 50 - Mahragan illRap ElMasry - مهرجان الراب المصري

WATCH: Samer Gabro - Ya Amiret Omry / سامر كابرو - يا أميرة عمري

Arab weddings are a riot, no need to go copy Western ones--the ones they show in movies. But maybe we can do like Samer Gabro just did, a hybrid of both.

Wedding songs are a dime a dozen, but if they are done right, they are priceless  The Syrian Samer Gabro comes from a long line of traditional Arabic music in the city of Aleppo. He does local style songs, Lebanese styles and Egyptian ones just as good.

The man produces to himself, and his career has a take a turn for the best once he relocated to Lebanon. From there he launched singles and albums, and manged to perform around the Arab world and Europe. Among the cities where he took his songs to are German, Sweden, France, Italy, Holland and half a dozen Arab countries.

Samer is known for his happy dance songs that cheer one's soul. This time he is singing for his bride to be, calling her princess in white like the full moon in its perfection. He brings out his dreamy eyes and his sharpest suit to make this song a joy. The dance is the music video is a riot, and the music fusion is well made, you can hear Greek, Turkish and Arab elements.

Well done, you give Syrian something to smile about!

WATCH:  Samer Gabro - Ya Amiret Omry / سامر كابرو - يا أميرة عمري

Monday, January 28, 2013

Congratulation @DrBassemYoussef You Now Have Blood On Your Hands #Egypt

One very successful comedian who has made it big when he ditched his patients in favor of telling jokes on prime time is about to realize, he has blood on his hand. Few days ago, I pondered out loud Why Do I Hate Comedian Bassem Youssef. Now, I am almost certain his contact jokes on the president of Egypt and his supporters are paying dividends.

For months now, the good doctor has been telling jokes targeting the Islamic Brotherhood and most famously, the Egyptian president Morsi. Jokes are a fair game, and they are easy to tell about people we do not really understand. His jokes tend to dehumanize the Islamist parties, and their president. For long he was waged war on their supporters, and called them names.

It's easy to mock people we do not understand--they did it here when they turned Arabs and Middle Eastern into a punchline in the wake of 9/11. But when people started getting hurt, and comedians realized the negative affects of their jokes, they toned it down.

Bassem did not do this, and he seems to has a limitless desire to escalate his criticism of all things Islamic and all things political. Like him, I take issues with Islamic political parties and the way sometimes, they conduct business. But we all cannot be irresponsible  Bassem has a huge microphone and a large fan base who take anything he says as a a matter of fact. The other issue is of elitism  the media folks, think they are they only ones who know how to run the country. They think the conservatives are wrong, before they even open their mouths. In fairness, this issue is not exclusive to Egypt. But when blood stars spilling like in Port Said, people need to step back and bring people together not, keep promoting fear.

We cannot incite people to go march the streets, and get in confrontations with the police and the army. Both people love their country, the issue comes when protesters started to believe that their country is under attack form the Islamic parties and supporter whom thank to Bassem, have been labeled by every name in the book.

His show does two things very well, tell people that things suck really bad, then blame the Brotherhood for all things wrong with the country. His fans are very young, and gullible, they are also unemployed, and have so much free time, so they go and join groups like Black Bloc that has been terrorizing the people of Egypt in the name of freedom.

Dr. Bassem's also shines on the social media where he is a leading voice, mostly mocking the president and his politics, organizing slacker activism against the regime. So, he is branching out into politics too, which is confusing is he a serious politician or is he is a comedian whose lines are not to be taken seriously.

This is the time to be a mature soul and stop pouring gas on the fire Dr. Bassem, your fans need you to say something along the lines of reconciliation. You cannot possibly hate the Islamists and the president more than you love Egypt. The sooner he and other talking heads realize this, the more of Egypt one can rescue.
البرنامج - الرئيس والاعلان الدستوري - حلقة ٣ - جزء ٢

WATCH: El Joker "Differences Among Us Are Mercy"

Factions, sectarianism, fanaticism and different theological school within the walls of Islam are meant to be a mercy for us all. But sadly, those are no longer a blessing for us when people use them to alienate others and build imagined communities to keep people out. People are naturally good, they are not all bad and they certainly not enjoy murdering and violating others.

El Joker took those people to take with a new and timely song of his about the real Islam that brings people together not pull them apart. He is rightfully angry because he seems his beloved religion is bring used by a vocal minority that makes people scratch their heads. All those difference are political in essence, and the young rapper puts those voices to shame.

People make mistakes goes the song, it does not make you a saint because your foe makes mistakes, we are all fallible. This is a song if you really understood it, you may weep at our state and weep at the violence one see in Egypt due to religious and political disagreement. The other bold issue the song highlights is the different schools in Islam, they allow certain things and deny others. No need for a Fatwa from you, or from your various TV channels and bearded men who claim to be all knowing.

They are mean to make our life bearable, but now, people use them to choke us. I like the song, and the guest artist Abdullah Alhussainy contributes to the song by creating a sorrow filled mood. Yes, kick the TV away and your life would be much better. El Joker put those voices to shame and hope he keeps going at it, for the betterment of all of us.

 "في اختلافنا رحمة" - "El Joker ft. Abdullah Alhussainy "Fe Ekhtelafna Rahma

LISTEN: Lebanese Melissa Steamy Single "Nanana"

In a world with one half talented Korean pop star can become a global sensation, why not have a Lebanese pop songstress branch out to English pop. Melissa has always wanted the global fame, she made duets with Dr. Alban and then with Akon.

Her most recent attempt at appealing to mass marked outside Arabia is a new single written by Jenny B.  This is the first full song from Melissa where she sings in English, the song will also be turned into a music video under the supervision of French Director Fabien Dufils. The DOP will be under the helms of Johanne Debas (the creative force behind fashion ads for L’Oreal Paris، Maybelline، Dove)

The fashion will be designer by hot French designer Louis Azzaro, as for the song it has an unconventional lable, Microsoft Xbox. The production is that for John Saliba.

I think this is your dance pop song that are very hip nowadays, I think such songs have an appeal that goes beyond language and culture. Hope, other Lebanese pop stars try to make similar songs their own instead of copying Melissa's experiment 

Melissa - nanana

Don’t look for my heart Music is my love

Looking up tonigt  DJ make it louder

Do not move your hips  Only move your lips

Baby take my breath away

Nananananananananana He Nananananananananana Ha

Show me what you got   Do it now or never

Daddy play it right   We can Be together

Fix up the floor

Baby give me more

Baby take my breath away

Despite Its War On Mali, France Gives Special Award To Diva Magida

Lebanese diva Magida Al Roumi picked another award at the French embassy in Beirut. The embassy that likes to think, they play some kind of role in promoting culture by their actions. Magida Al Roumi was giving this special recognition. The award came right after Magida returned from a sold out concert in Qatar where imagination, dreams and good art came to play.

The embassy wanted to do this even in Paris, but Magida insisted on having the award event in Beirut where he home and his family is. Magida wanted to bring some cheers and joy to Lebanon at those difficult times. The award is designated for artist and literary figures. Yes, but France is waging war in an African country at the moment. But war should never get in the way of a good party.

Magida spoke about the award, the very cold weather in Qatar, note how low her voices is. The surprise guest is Magida's mother who was in attendance. Other Lebanese celebrities attended the event and brought their best wishes. 

فرنسا تمنح ماجدة الرومي وسام الفنون والآداب الفرنسي

Video: Mohammad Mazen, Another Jordanian Stud Breaks Out

Yalla! One more voice for the road, one more young Jordanian stud comes out of the woods and take a shot at pop music. The guy sounds mature and his voice so so sobering, he does not sound like a little boy, but a man who has checks and balances. He is happy when he has to be and he is in charge when he is feeling down.

The name is Mohammad Mazen and his voice tells me many things about the artists, I can tell he is a good listener of Arabic music, his voice has taken form so many great artists both young and old his music reminds me of the 80s TV show bands.

His is a debut song many young singers wish for, a romantic song that pleases both men and women. You really cannot help but notice his Jordanian dialect creeps into the song. The dialect is unique as it's sort of a Lebanese version of what they speak in the Gulf. But the song delivers what the artists hoped it would.

mohammad mazen bde tsm3ne. محمد مازن بدي تسمعني

Networks Make Money, Young Stars Go To Therapy

Let's be frank, there are at least five popular singing competitions in the Arabic world at the moment. Those shows do well in rating, make money for the hosts, and make the network richer--thanks to advertisers dollars. But the real money makers are the talents the shows feature on their shows. The young should searching for a career, or a break to start a new lifestyle.

Those young untested soul are pushed into the spotlight and told they are stars, and for a second people love them and talk about them. The media pushes their stores too, and the young people start getting into their heads, "I am Famous", then the show is over or they are sent home...and all of sudden with no warning, nobody cares about those people. worse, no one seems to remember them at all.

The companies and the networks that bring those shows do have an obligation  which they often do not mean. They talk a good business model in public, but those young people, they do not educate the young people, they do not warn them to the perils of such sudden fame. They tell them you are an artist, and sell them the sky. The only artists I see are the scam artists who peek into people's lives and then abandon them.

The only show to produce real stars is the "Studio El Fan", the show form Lebanon who did not accept anyone and everyone. The producer of that show, wanted people who can sing, not people who look good on camera or people who have drama. Most of the pop celebrities you know now have appeared on this show and made a serious career. Unlike the other shows, who do not keep the interest of the artist on mind.

Young people want to give something, and they certainly can be used in the networks. They can get jobs and sell stuff, but with the crazy amount of talents such shows features this becomes almost impossible. Plus what do they keep making those new singing shows when the real stars who have been in the business for a long time are sitting at home unemployed. Thanks to the economic reality and the politician instability sweeping throughout the world.

This is a reckless practice really concerts do not sell at home anymore, most of the stars are now heading to America, and Europe for concerts and for dollars. While, the networks are making profit, the young talents go for therapy, and see doctors due to their new found depression. Others still make money be selling their body parts. Some-no need to mention names, prostitute their bodies to get new songs or new outfits.

Arab Idol - Ep8 - Top Ten Females - دنيا بطمه

While Egypt Burns Watch Ragaby In "Ya Masr" / رجبى - يا مصر

Egypt, the suckers are out to get you, and every one wants a piece of you to take it home, there is no them, there is no us, it's always we. At this time, I find myself praying for Egypt. I know millions more are praying too.

Ragaby, a young Egyptian singer essentially said the same thing in his new song, "Oh Egypt". His song is well made, and the mixing is top notch, you have seen some of those footage before. Only now, we known whatever happens nothing good will come out of them.

This is Ragaby's first song, and it feels like he means every word he sings. He has chosen this song a long time ago, but he had to produce it in less than 48 hours to get it out at those critical bloody times.

 Ragaby - Ya Masr / رجبى - يا مصر

Sunday, January 27, 2013

LISTEN: Egyptian Soccer Rage التراس وايت نايتس - حكاية ثورة | من البوم صوت الفرسان

Soccer fans are increasingly getting involved in politics. They are already mobilized, have a sophisticated communication system, used to fights with the police and opposing team fans. And now due to Port Said and other locations, their brethren and sisters have been murders giving them a unique cause.

This time, The White Knights, the fans of Egypt's under dog soccer team Al Zamalik are putting forth a new track for the revolution. They are asking their fans to join them in Tahrir Square to celebrate the revolution's second anniversary. The upcoming album has been dubbed the Voice of The Knights. The music video chronicles the leading up to the revolution, the day off and the fallout.

The songs saves its harshest criticism for the Mubarak regime, and his thugs, they have put us through hell and we have made it out is the theme. They even go back in time to the days of Abel Nasser.

The song seems to be made at more than one party and upset by many things, the army gets no love, and neither does the government. All they call for is the continuation of the Egyptian revolution until they reach the final station--freedom. The clip uses loads of stock images from the revolution and for those who have been slain. They music is kept to minimal, as the lyrics and the interviews create the dramatic affect needed.

التراس وايت نايتس - حكاية ثورة | من البوم صوت الفرسان

الاغنية التي ادمعت ملايين الثوار - حكاية ثورة 2013

Video: The Muslim Brotherhood Sponsors A Sexy Concert

The Muslim Brotherhood sponsored an event where a popular Lebanese pop star who hired to make an appearance and sing. The internet went crazy when they got an image of the Islamic party's logo and Dolly Shahine dressed ready for a party and performing. The concert took place in the Red Sea District, photos from the concerts have caused an internet uproar among activists.

Here's what I make out of this:
  1. The Islamic party is trying to increase its profile and getting involved in more mainstream events.
  2. They are a co-sponsor, that does not mean they control the agenda or the performers booked.
  3. This might be embarrassing for the officer in the Islamic party who decided to co- sponsor this event.
This does not mean the Islamic party is trying to be cool, it also does not mean they is a scandal, just an embarrassing arrangement. Plus, the people at the concert are Egyptians  voters not some foreigners. As for the artists, they just wanted a paycheck, chances are they had no idea who is sponsoring the event.

The Islamic party issues a statement where they have confirmed their role in supporting tourim in Egypt, this concert was part of promotional effort to attract Russian tourists.

دوللي شاهين تُحيي حفلاً برعاية الحرية والعدالة

Ahlam Jumps Rotana Ship / 2013 Album Feud

I thought only Egyptian and Moroccan artists had issues with Rotana, the Saudi entertainment producer. But it seem, now they picking fights with one of the most popular women in Gulf music, Ahlam. Yes, the one from the UAE.

Per her offcial twetter account, Ahlam has expressed disappointment in Rotana who refused to shot a video promo to her upcoming album, which they have produced. They told her they only want to use the photograph of her and the album cover.

The interesting thing, Ahlam is complaining of discrimination, I do not know whom she is referring to, maybe she is thinking of one particular Roana artist who is from Lebanon. Ahlam has actually made the album cover design per her other tweets and she is talking about a concert in Saudi Arabia.

She is not exactly waging war on Rotana, but she is upset that they threw away a month of her work on the album cover, and only using one photograph.

دعاية ألبوم أحلام " موعدك " - 2013 - Ahlam

  1. انا كنت أريد الأفضل للالبوم ولاسم روتانا بس هم خذلوني انا اطمح للتمييزالغلاف بالنسبه لي تقدير لمن سيشتريه بس للأسف انا مصدومه 
  2. بس حبيت أقول كلمه محتوى ألبومي وبكل ثقه هو الدعم الأول والكبير بعد الله لي 
  3. شركه روتانا ترفض تصوير إعلان الألبوم وسيكتفون بالصور وكما ترفض غلاف الألبوم بعد شهر من التعب ويكتفون فقط بغلاف يحمل صورتي  روتانا 

Video: The Boy Who Cried Lebanon طفل المعجزة جورج زغيب يُغني وجعك يا وطني

In a posh Lebanese restaurant where a night of classy music was promised, more than that was delivered  The boy wonder of Lebanon the kid who can rock generations with his covers of old classics took the spotlight by storm when he performed for the first time his new single. The name is George Zgheib and he means business. His young voice can shock you as his voice is so deep it might confuse some doctors.

The single is for Lebanon and its pains it sees at the moment. The song is about the motherland, teaching the kids to love it and it comes with a strong beat. The attendance loved the song and the performance by George Zgheib who will be recording this song in a studio soon and possible music video will come. The guy plays the oud (lute) so well. And one thing he does with his voice tells him he has what it takes, he makes his voice dance from one note to another note. Manipulating the artists voice takes a lot of training.

I wish George and his team well, they see a real talent and they work with him to evolve and take his act to a bigger audience.

طفل المعجزة جورج زغيب يُغني وجعك يا وطني

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Listen: Youssef Arafat Loves Jordan Song اغنيه يوسف عرفات - احلى بلد | جديد 2013

Jordan is a good country as some of its people would say, from the outside it seems to be a successful country. From the city of Amman, you cannot help but be impressed by its strength and diversity. But then you get a little bit closer and just outside of Amman and people start seeing a different story.

Nevertheless, Jordan's hottest young pop star Youssef Arafat is feeling patriotic in his latest single. I am sure Youssef Arafat loves his homeland, and he is happy to sing for it a song where he calls it the best country. Young people will like this track, the jaded older ones will say meh! Aside from that his debut song since he left the Arab Idol show was about how awesome Islam really is.

I like the children back chorus, they seem to happy to put their little voices on something of value. I am certain this song will open the door to Youssef Arafat concerts and media appearances in his country now that he has served his dues.

اغنيه يوسف عرفات - احلى بلد | جديد 2013

Listen: The Master Is Back اغنية مروان خورى - احساس جديد 2013 | Marwan Khoury - A7sas Gded

Marwan Khoury has not lost his ability to fall in love, his new single says as much. The Lebanese hit-maker is making his fans happy once again, and it took one single of his. The last song he did was about Christmas, now he is the season of warming things up in this cold January.

The lyrics are superb, but I wish I can say the same about the music. The demo music sounds week and sophomoric. However, the melody works well with this song as the emotions are fine tuned to suit this single.

A New Feeling is the tittle of this song, anyone who has fallen in love would use the exact word they would use to describe the overwhelming emotions. Marwan might have made this song in 10 minutes but it's always a pleasant oredeal to hear him put his voice on pretty much anything.

اغنية مروان خورى - احساس جديد 2013 | Marwan Khoury - A7sas Gded

Why Do We Cry After A Breakup? Alaa Amin Answers

Alaa Al Amin is yet another guy to join the ranks of guys who feel cheated by the one they have loved. He is a young voice with that famous Shami good looks, I am not the one to enjoy cry songs if they are just average. I have heard more than my fair share of breakup songs, and this guy does not quite do it for me. I do not feel like enjoying a breakup song with a dance melody.

Alaa released an album in 2012 with a collection f those party and folklore songs, it was sold locally and sold well. It lives on the internet now, and Alaa's songs have been given the YouTube treatment. The song is about love turncoats, who take you for a fool and then dump you by the road as they move on with their lives leaving you collecting the pieces. He rightfully dubbed the song, Tob Al Ghader the clothes of Betrayal.

علاء الامين - توب الغدر 2012

LISTEN: جو اشقر - كنتي بالسهرة Joe Ashkar Transcend In Kounti B'sahra

Joe Ashkar knows how to party and how to be a top tier socialite. The handsome and well dressed Lebanese singer owns a posh club in downtown Beirut, and has friendships to envy. But most of us know him for his music and his music video.

Joe Ashkar seems to live on his own terms, he never copies other singers. He does not chase what's popular and always come across as confident romantic. Just like he is doing with his latest single, telling the love tale when he was stuck by love from the first sight.

This radio hit of his, feels different, the music has not been generated by some fancy computer affect. I appreciate the lute and the more intimate vibe the song gives. It feels like very warm in there, and that warmth is reflected on Joe's performance  He is able to speak to the women that has put a spell on him. The lyrics are very sweet and believable at the same time.

I think Joe breaks new ground with this new single, he is reaching intro a territory of fans he has not addressed before--the grownups who want something real.

جو اشقر - كنتي بالسهرة ( حصريا ) Joe Ashkar kounti B'sahra

Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch #Egypt Unity Song: اوبريت اخر نفس فيا - لطيفة وحمادة هلال وخالد سليم

The patriots of Arabia come knocking! Two Egyptian dudes, One Tunisian gal who spent a great deal of her live living and entertaining that land are releasing a new song.  Together, they pray for Egypt, God preserve our land. Egypt will be there, even if it took the end of my, and the last breath of my body. The music is hardly missed in their new track, the outpouring emotional performances is key to this love Thy country song.

Hamada Hilal sounds too real her, his voice soars and his heart is in pain as he watches the news from those confusing times. Khalid Selim gives him backup, and brings the best elements in his voice to help make this song more than just music. There are other vocalists on this song, but so far, I can only make out the three leasing names.

Then comes Latifa, concluding their prayer and reminding folks that too many people want to see Egypt fail. While, I like such songs, they seem to come from a place of hurt, I hate to see Egypt go through this again. I might offend you now, but I feel Egyptians are tearing apart their country for being impatient and believing the media war against their president.  

كليب اوبريت اخر نفس فيا | خالد سليم وحمادة هلال 2013

اوبريت اخر نفس فيا - لطيفة وحمادة هلال وخالد سليم

A Typical Press Conference For A Pop Star

Pop Star Mohamed Hamaki felt his album was not selling as well as it should, so he held a press conference where he announced a new edition of the album with added bonus DVD and a concert pass for whatever concerts he holds for a year.

To hold the event, they have rented a fancy hotel room, got the manger from Nogoom Records to talk shop, the artists and his manger. It was an intimate event with the star and few press people who seem to be more of fans than critics.

The impressive thing is that album has been produced by a radio station who has decided to put out an album. Thus, a radio station has branched out to a music label now. Their first star they produce for is Hamaki. The business manger talked about the business side and the behind the scene. Hamaki picked them over other production companies.

Glad to see a new company coming out in Egypt to produce good wholesome Egyptian pop. I love the part when someone asked him about a song where he thinks the music has been ripped from a Western song. Hamaki called out the guy on that in class though.

حصري | ملخص المؤتمر الصحفي الخاص بالبوم "من قلبي بغني"

Sheikh Fadel Shaker Donates 350 Thousand Dollars

Fadel Shaker is not coming back to singing, get that out of your head. His now long beard rules out any chances he will make a comeback. The only comeback this once popular romance hit-maker is the one he is making it to God. He know prefers to be called Shiekh Fadel Shaker instead of singer or artist Fadel Shaker. He has distanced himself from his music career. He has even went as far as asking his former fans not to listen to his songs.

Rotana Khalij had the first interview with him, they were with him as he made many hits, now they are walking with him as he finds God. He seem to have finally found peace--my wife thinks he is looking scary. He keeps talking about being assassinated, who would care enough to kill him beats me? He has been making phone calls to a number of shows defending his spiritual mentor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Aseer

He is hanging out with a Lebanese Salafi leader, and spending most of his time with a bunch of dudes. The timing of Fadel Shaker finding God has been linked to him speaking out against the Syrian regime. May be his fear for his life is real, maybe he is about to bring freedom and justice to Syria. But I know this, the ones he is keeping company are the scariest people out there.

Fadel is not holding any grudges, he does not mind keeping in touch with his old buddies and music contacts, they can find me in the Bilal Bin Rabah mosque, I will be there. He has also spoke about his money. When I decided to quit the singing business, I had 350 thousand dollars, which I have donated to causes for Allah.

فضل شاكر ينشد: فالموت ليس يخيفنى ومناي أن استشهدا

Why Do I Hate Comedian Bassem Youssef So Much

I was one of the few people who first spoke about the new comedic guy who Egypt who satirizes the news. Read This post dated March 2011, when no one knew who this guy was. I dubbed him the Jon Steward of Arabia then and loved his show with passion. But now I am starting to see some push back against this show of his. A number of Facebook groups have emerged chronicling his insults and attacks (here).

Slowly, the former surgeon has been gaining fans and rocking the boat with his jokes and zingers. I loved him and thought he was the missing breeze the comedic world in Arabia has been missing. Naturally, his success has made a lot of people happy as he was their cash cow. A Little known TV network took a chance with him, and ended up making a killing in advertising revenues.

As his popularity skyrocketed and his fan base grew, Bassem Youssef started to creep into politics and developing idea of his own. He was prompted by his popularity, and he started biting more than he could chew. In a second he has turned himself into a leader of those lazy people who are too tired to do their own research on crucial issues. It's really the easiest thing in the world to shoot someone down, he is like that cynical colleague who shoots down every idea before it picks steam.

Another issue with him is his repeated attacks on news anchors and talking heads. The world according to Bassem Youssef is pretty simple. There are two kinds of people he makes fun of. the ones he calls Mubarak folks, and lunatic Muslims. He has bullied so many of them and has even stepped on their own freedom of speech. Some of those names have sued him for defamation.

I do not think Egypt needs that cynicism, they need someone to tell them calm down, go to work and everything will be OK. "You Got Screwed",  "Your President Hates Your Country" are examples of the last thing people who live in a transitional phase. Egyptians are emotional people and when you come such statements on TV, some of your audience are not on the joke. So causing chaos, confusion and distrust are few of the things Bassem Youseef and his show promote.

Bassem Youseef talks on his show like he hates current day Egypt, but remember there would be no chance for this once promising surgeon to be able to say what he has been saying now. The Mubarak folks would have sent him away in some dark corner. He seems to forget that, at least he is broadcasting from downtown Egypt with a lot of freedom--and a large bank account.

He disguises his jokes are creative thinking and pass them as noble ideas. It seems that he would ally himself with any force to embarrassed the president of Egypt. Like the day he appeared on CNN talking about a video of the president speaking about Israelis. It did get him on CNN, and he did put his president to shame, I hope it feels good knowing he is damaging the Egyptian brand on the world's stage with his lame attempts at being a serious journalist.

I have no love in my heart for Islamic parties, but I know this, if they won an election, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They need to be given a chance. Like Bassem Youseef, those people are educated and love Egypt. He is no better than them, and he certainly should not be putting words on their mouth. He needs to understand that he has now more responsibility, enough with getting the rest of the world to laugh at the Egyptians  Laughing with them is something that we all agree on.    

He is a gifted comedian, like the 90 million Egyptians who are well known for their humor and funny take on things. He just used more graphics and props, and I give him that he does know how to take advantage of his face expressions. I think he needs to take a serious look at his next step, does he want to tell jokes or does he want to be a political analyst? You really cannot do both! You can either take the president to take, or you can tell jokes about him.

Other issues with this comedian is his lax use of sexual terms and suggestive languages to force the laughs. Dirty jokes are known to be easy to come up with, but he should not be telling them during prime time when many families are watching with their little ones. He belongs to a group of exclusive elite media who fault the conservatives for existing. I see a difference between freedom of speech and incitement parties like the one on every night with Bassem Youssef. There's a lot to make fun of, complicating the already heated political scene in Egypt hardly helps.

Some independent observers and media personalities have taken issues with the show. So the media has never been kind to Islamists, and some of them Islamists are pretty dumb no question. But they are not all the same, and they are not all on the same level. I think his sketches and shows should come with a warning like Tobacco, and alcoholics drinks. My question to him, is it worth to make a million dollar if the price was sending your country in further chaos?

باسم يوسف الوسادة الرئاسية فى برنامج البرنامج.