Monday, January 14, 2013

Are The Boys Of One Direction Officially Gay?

Last week, to the joy of the young, the young at heart, gay boys and lecherous cable TV execs all around the globe, British boy band One Direction released the video for their single "Kiss You." This video is clearly fucking homoerotic. Most of the boys are on record as women-daters, but their overall image is full of winks, nudges and crotch-grabs. Maybe they are the missing link of sexual attraction.

Marketing is a bitch, and for a boy band, they need all the help they can get. Playing the sexual ambiguity game so appeal to more people. Gay, straight, confused and what's not. WE have always known that the boys of One Direction has always been open about their open flirtation with each other and the idea that they are, in fact, boy band members who have sex with boy band members. Denials be damned, "Kiss You" is their most bromantic offering yet.

One Direction fans who aren't swooning tweens approach this game of Spot the Gay as a sport. Entire Tumblrs are devoted to sniffing out and reporting signs of their intergroup gayness. What makes One Direction beautiful is what makes them seem gay. Weather they are gay will remain a mystery until One Direction goes away, we will find out. But they might be seeking to please their gay fans who happen to love the same things tween girls like.

Per Gwaker

I do not think they are gay, maybe one of them is, but I blame marketing on this. It pays to be the dream of gays and straights alike. In their personal lives, they might be pious people who are conservative at him, but when they wear the One Direction persona, they have to play by the band rules.


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