Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jwana Malah And The Gracious Arab Romance

Jwana Malah is not huge commercial success, but she is a well known figure, she has done her part in singing and making listeners feel something, she did that. The market did not work out for her, and yes we can fault production companies too.

See this sweet and lowdown video of hers singing about wanting to be close to the one she loves. But I really appreciate her toward the end of the clip, giving a recognition for all her band members who rarely get public recognition, they are like the unnamed solider.

Jwana can hit the high notes, her voice has what it takes to perform a variety of songs. Not sure what she has been up to lately but I now she might be due for a comeback. The music scene can use a little bit of her grace and charm.

 جوانا ملاح قربني ليك


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