Thursday, January 31, 2013

Listen: Angie Amin For The Love Of #Egypt جديد انجى امين - مصر بلادى | ذا فويس

The contender on the MBC produced The Voice Angie Amin is making the media rounds with a new patriotic single for Egypt. I love the guitar strokes, it makes me think of a beach-side vacation. The song leaves me baffled for a second until Angie hits the high note and I am all back in.

I like the production that allows Angie to show a versatile vocal chords ability. This is a plea for the young people marching in the streets to calm the f**k down. I like young stars who try to join in the ranks by releasing a song at a time when all the big names are hiding.

Again, we wish we were not listening to a song about Egypt, we wish we do not have to think about troubles in Egypt, but under the circumstances I think we might be hearing few more until the dust settles.

Injy Amin - Masr Blady / إنجى أمين - مصر بلادى


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