Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Rappers like to hear their names in their songs, and so does Ramy Ayach who is taking a joy ride in a fancy car with a futuristic GPS and an English language radio talking about his sold out show. Egos aside, this music video was supposed to be a tribute to Kahil Gibran, not to the cool Ramy Ayach. But the clip ended up backfiring in the artists face.

The media obsessed with Ramy's wearing earrings and forgot the song and the man it celebrates. I do not blame them, Ramy thought he was too hot and he could get away with stuff like this, but no. It all went south for him. The singer has blamed the earrings on the director, a classic cop out. Those are some visible earrings brother Ayach.

The plot is straightforward, Ayach plays a theater composer who plays music for a ballet, with the exotic dance moves, that are dripping passion. Ayach sounds different in a great way, he sounds to be ready to do classical songs, his forte is something to look forward to.

The radio goes on to talk about a romance between Ramy and that dancer who is coming to Lebanon for a show. The song alone was a great hit, but the music video took away from this wonderful energy filled performance by Ramy who has really covered new ground here. But what's with the naked boy dancer?

Ramy Ayach - Gebran / رامي عياش - جبران


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