Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Houda Saad The Full-blown Pop Diva

Full-blown pop diva is what I think of when I hear Houda Saad. Her songs are often ambitious, eclectic work that sees the cutesy chanteuse dabbling. But she also has many pop sing-alongs that have hit it big with the masses. It's terrible that her music label is unable to better market this talented Moroccan lady of soulful pop. Who can also compose music and lyrics 

And, since she co-writes most of her own music, they actually come from somewhere within her, unlike virtually every other female pop star today who has high-priced songwriters come in and pen tunes for her. She performs songs she has brought to this life.

Her latest project is filming a music video in LA with an American crew, the song she chose is a Morocco one, because her heart is in the right place. She is not pegging from mney form the Gulf to sing songs she likes, she makes the songs she personalty feels inside her, and that will make any song a hit.

Houda Saad - Ma Sadae هدى سعد - ماصدق


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