Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joseph Attieh vs. Ramy Ayach Who Is Copying Whom?

Ramy Ayach has been around for almost twenty years and in those 20 years he has always look sharp. The stylish Lebanese pop star and heartthrob has crushed many hearts in the process and made so many hits that has enriched the Arabic music scene. Some media outlets in Lebanon are having a slow day, so they wrote an "analysis" with pictures accusing Joseph of copying/channeling Ramy.

Four years ago, enter the stage a young pop star with the name Joseph Attieh who took part of the Star Academy program and dazzled folks with his charm, his warm voice and his look. Most people did not miss the similar look Joseph has, he does look similar to Ramy Ayach and that's not a fault of his own. They both seem to shave their heads, show some muscles and look good.

Along the years, Joseph started releasing photos of himself, and those photos, music videos made everyone confuse the two stars. Naturally Ramy Ayach would be pissed. However, some people thing imitation is the greatest compliment. Not Ramy and his friends and fans. I do not know for Joseph sets at home thinking o copying Ramy's style. Stars like to wear shades, and look slick.

I do not think some of the pictures you see above are worth the debate. For example guys like cars and they like motorcycles. But they dress like Ramy is worth some answers, pose like Ramy photos might need to be explained. Could it be that the same photographer took those photos? Plus, do not you think photographers read the same magazines and copy the same picture concept?

I believe we have both talented entertainers who have meet success in their respective careers. It might be that Joseph really like Ramy, and I know he has spoken about the similar look they both have. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

To be fair, Ramy Ayach has come to the defense of Josef Attieh here "He is my friend and I won't let people attack him" he was speaking about his fans criticizing the young singer. Joesph sounded happy with the new tone and spent his love and respect back to Ramy

Joseph Attieh - Te'eb El Shouq / جوزيف عطية - تعب الشوق


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