Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WATCH: Sweetest Wedding Song 2013 امير يزبك - انتبه على بنتي / فيديو كليب 2013

The father does not approve of the groom, so he crashes his daughter's wedding and makes a fool out of himself. The daughter talks back to the father and tells him this is the right guy who respects and loves her. She asks her father to give him back to him.

A father who cannot let go, and we have a duet breaking out. The song is delivered by Ameer Yizbak who chronicles his life with his little girl. He is an army officer who loves his little girl. Treat my little girl with dignity, you are in my house and you are like a song of mine.

The song is weird mixture between strange and sweet, I love the line where the father of the bride wishes the groom to have a girl of his own so he can know the feeling. And then history repeats itself the possessive father gets a granddaughter.

 امير يزبك - انتبه على بنتي / فيديو كليب 2013


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