Thursday, January 24, 2013

Listen: Prophet Mohammad Birthday Song محمد منير يا حبنا الكبير 2013

The birthday of the Prophet is today and most Muslim countries have taken the day off to mark the birth of the prophet of Islam. One Egyptian singer who has shown us before that he is spiritual made a song to celebrate the special occasion and called it "Our Big Love"

This is one that its time has come. Mohammed Mounir does not make a lot of songs, he has a very religious side, a Sufi persuasion perhaps. Mounir is a rock star and it's refreshing to see him doing a song on a topic ignored by many of his peers. The song has been performed before by the great Egyptian legendary Oum Kolthom who had done a fair share of religions songs.

I guess on the matters of religions most people agree, but politics pulls people apart in Egypt and other places. I salute Mounir for releasing this song at now. On another note, I am not too keen on celebration of the birthday. My fear is that many Muslims will mistake it for more than what it really it. As most Muslims understand, we worship not prophet Mohammed. He is our teacher, and the messenger of the word of God.

Update: the song is about the motherland, Egypt. Not the prophet as I had initially thought. The timing of the song tricked me and so have the lyrics. Thus, the song is released on the second anniversary of the January 25th revolution. The giveaway, was the last word in the song "Wattani" or my homeland.  

اغنية محمد منير وام كلثوم - يا حبنا الكبير | جديد 2013

 محمد منير يا حبنا الكبير 2013


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