Monday, January 14, 2013

Professor Myraim Faris Has A Ring To It

While she is not teaching any classes formally  she did just give a lecture at the AUL (ARTS, SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY IN LEBANON) about self-promotion. All those young people who like to do nothing but talk about their uninteresting lives attended the lecture and manged to get a peak of their favorite dancing pop star.

The title of her lecture is Google+, since she has been pimping the service and she has been a speaking about it every chance she gets. The lecture will take place on January 15th. A number of Google employees will also attend the lecture and talk to students who have ideas and dreams.

Myriam is very qualified very this lecture  for one reason and one reason only....people search her regularly  She ranks among the top searched celebrities in the Middle East and Africa region. Google is trying to get Arabs to waste more of their time on Google plus and hangout instead of Facebook.

Myriam fares Google+ Hangout


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