Monday, January 14, 2013

Mohamad Ramdan New Album البوم جديد من نوعه للنجم محــمد رمضــان

Radio stations are entering the music production game JBC radio network has produced the album for young and dazzling Jordanian star and former Star Academy star Mohamad Ramadan. Naturally, the radio people have always been in the production game, they are the ones with microphones studios and it's the place where people with talents hang out.

They also have the outlet to make any song famous, and they can also promote it. Ramadan would see the debut album after few singles and half dozen concerts. He is loaded with talent and has a big heart from romance and dance songs.

The young artists is promising surprises to his fans as the album will release on Valentine day for all of you lovers out there. Tune in the teaser, and get a sample of this forthcoming album where a poem has a place.

البوم جديد من نوعه للنجم محــمد رمضــان قريبــــا


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