Thursday, January 24, 2013

WATCH: Hamza Namira - El-Midan | حمزة نمرة - الميدان #Egypt

Hamza Namira is back everyone, he has timed his worthy comeback with the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. The song that marks his return is "El Midan" Arabic for The Square in reference of the Tahrir Square. He is showing us why he is different, it's easy to make a new song each week, there are many things that are going wrong in Egypt. But for a dreamer, someone who looks farther than any of his peers are willing, he sees meany great things happening in Egypt.

The song is about unity, the right call in the right time. Hamza Namira chose not to pick fights with the new Egyptian regime, he is giving them the benefit of the doubt. The song starts slow, then picks up as the rock melody kicks in. Hamza is young, but his skill composing music, and writing lyrics tops his wonderful ability to perform an incredible live concerts.

The lyrics are about pride, you should be so proud, you stood next to your neighbor in the Square, you are belonging the good old Egyptian, the one we all love so very much. This is a live performance, the flags of Egypt are all over the music video-only the flags of the land not some sectarian flags. I like the fireworks on stage, but I wish the clip was shot with a little bit more light.

Hamza Namira - El-Midan | حمزة نمرة - الميدان | Official Music Video


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