Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dancing With The Arab Stars Will Air Soon

Thanks to many Lebanese networks, and a lot of Saudi cash, Arab networks are just about out of Western TV shows to adapt. The latest show to be taken into the Arab world is "Dancing With The Stars" and they are hiring talents for the dancing portion of the show.

First pick is Lebanese dance lady and the one whose hips have never told a lie Myriam Faris. Now, Arabia knows this girl, lady, chick knows how to dance. This time she will not sing as she does her thing. The show will air this December and Myriam will be a judge on the show. MTV Lebanon will air the show.

Not sure what kind of Arab stars will be wiling to show off their moves with a partner. Dancing is kind of an overlooked skill in the Arab world. Will we have some TV personalities form outside Lebanon on the show? Maybe some politicans who like to dance for the media, can now dance for our entertainment.

Myriam fares rags nar - ميريام فارس رقص نار


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