Monday, January 28, 2013

While Egypt Burns Watch Ragaby In "Ya Masr" / رجبى - يا مصر

Egypt, the suckers are out to get you, and every one wants a piece of you to take it home, there is no them, there is no us, it's always we. At this time, I find myself praying for Egypt. I know millions more are praying too.

Ragaby, a young Egyptian singer essentially said the same thing in his new song, "Oh Egypt". His song is well made, and the mixing is top notch, you have seen some of those footage before. Only now, we known whatever happens nothing good will come out of them.

This is Ragaby's first song, and it feels like he means every word he sings. He has chosen this song a long time ago, but he had to produce it in less than 48 hours to get it out at those critical bloody times.

 Ragaby - Ya Masr / رجبى - يا مصر


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