Monday, January 21, 2013

Ahmed Mekky And Donya Collaborate Again

They starred together in a number of movies, they made lots of money form their sharing the big screen. Then they made a TV comedy that won people over. Now after rumors of trouble in Paradise  funnyman and rapper Ahmed Mekky is collaborating once again with his muse Donya Samir Ghanem.  Donya is working on a new album, she has released two singles before. Since Mekky has a rap album under his belt and he has sang alongside Donya in their movies theme songs, they will singer again together.

Ahmed Mekky has been reported to have written a number of songs for the album, the album will have eight tracks. It sounds like Donya is working on a pop project with household names like poet Ayman Bahgat Amar attached. Donya has made some waves every time she sang, and people were aksing her to release an album it took a while, but the album is almost ready now.

احمد مكي دور بنفسك من فيلم طير انت Ahmed Mekki Teer Enta


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