Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egyptian Rap Discovers Auto-Tune مهرجان الراب المصرى - أم سى أمين وسادات و فيلو وتوزيع حاحا

Rappers have finally found a way to appeal to the people who got no education and no money, use auto-tune to tell them your message. Therefore four rappers from Egypt's poorest areas put together a rap festival where Auto-tune was their fifth wheel. That means each and every song on this album project has been blessed with the auto-tune treatment.

For some reasons, Egypt's poorest find this technology fun, and therefore performers from those areas have been using and abusing the technology. While most rappers in Egypt are preoccupied with the politics of the country  those rappers are concerned about making it through the day. They tell tales from their blocks and random residential areas.  

MC Amin, Saddat, Felo & 50 - Mahragan illRap ElMasry - مهرجان الراب المصري


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