Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rest In Peace Waheed Saif, The Funny Man توفي الكوميدي المصري وحيد سيف عن عمر يناهز 74 عاماً

Egypt is getting ready to put to rest one of its funniest comics, actor Waheed Saif has passed away at age 74. He has been struggling with illness for years where his family was paying his medical expenses.  It seems the family has not had any help getting the actors guild to pay for the actors expenses.

His medical condition has gotten worse in the past 15 days. The actors will be buried in his home town, Alexandria. He was doing theater at young age and took part of many Shakespeare plays. Then he moved into movie roles where he made a killing with his unique brand of comedy. He has always been a sidekick but every time we loved his bits and his acting. I know I will miss him, he made us laugh for so many years and send my warmest condolences to his survivors.

Another star has also passed on the same day is Nabil Al Hajrasy who has also done comedies and has never starred in a movie, but was so loved by the movie goers.

توفي مساء اليوم السبت الكوميدي المصري وحيد سيف عن عمر يناهز 74 عاماً في أحد مستشفيات القاهرة، بعد معاناة مع المرض.

Waheed saif vs sh3ban by showme_911


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