Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Salalem Band Finds The Stairways To Heaven

Among the many diverse Egyptian rock bands, stands Salalem. A band that takes it's name from an Arabic word that means stairs. They might not make as much noise and fireworks as the other bands, but they constantly make better songs that promote hope. I like hope and optimistic voices in Egypt, the people need some joy.

Salalem is funky without being silly, they are retro without being overbearing. This is the feel I am sensing from their new song and music video. They are just a group of friends who happen to be musicians."Life is a bedroom" is the title of this new light rock gem.

You must really love those t-shirts the band members sport. This is the band's second music video following another one they released in 2011. They filmed this music video at a local liberary in one affluent Cairo pocket.

Salalem | El Donya Oda | Official Music Video سلالم | الدنيا أوضة


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