Monday, January 21, 2013

What Would It Take For Ramy Essam To Go Away? اغنية رامى عصام - ثورة 2013

Ramy Essam had a good run since the revolution in Egypt took place. The singer activist who has spent much of his time in Tahrir Square protesting varying things at varying times. I have grown fond of his music and rock style. I really love his sense of humor and his faith in the power of words.

But has his time expired already? I do not know that, but I am feeling Ramy has made many great songs and his mini album was pretty good. But then he has started to hate any and everything the Egyptian president does. Morsi is not Mubarak, he might be different, but he is no dictator. He has won a four year term and he should be giving space to perform.

Sure, protesting him is great, but in a civil manner. You are not serving the democratic process by calling him to leave or asking him to resign. He should not have too, there are other forces in Egypt and he is not the sole power in Egypt--checks and balance are great.

It's really easy to be a rebel and express frustration in all things, but what is really hard is getting things done. What's really hard is trying to work against thirty years of an outdated system and laws. Ramy Essam is an idealist and that's a good thing, but he has no political experience or special knowledge  He is an average citizen with a guitar. Morsi does not speak about music and arts, by the same token people who sing for living should not pretend that are smarter than the person on the wheel.

After four years Morsi should asses and the people will either give him another contract or fire him. Now Ramy Essam's new single Thawarah  is meant to commemorate the second anniversary of the revolution. The song calls to let the people govern, not be subjects. Easy words, but the same people have already chosen a leader. Ramy is not the only one who loves Egypt, there are countless others who love the land as much as he does.

Ramy and people like him made the revolution possible. Now, they should take a break from being upset all the time and do something constructive like turning their fan base into a volunteer initiative to make Egypt streets clean. Feeling bad for oneself is not a good way to build a nation.
 اغنية رامى عصام - ثورة 2013 | نسخة اصلية


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