Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gross! Actor Ahmad Alfishawy Grabs Haifa Wehbe's Butt

Troubled Egyptian actor Ahmad Alfishawy was at the movies, and when he saw a giant poster for Lebanese pop star Haifa Wehbe, he posed with it. Then she shared this picture with his fans on Facebbok. It's a juvenile move on behalf of a mediocre actor who has been shown (in a courtroom, and media) to have low morals.

Sure this is funny, if you are in high school, but it's sad when you are grownup man, with a kid and take such pictures. The poster is promoting Haifa's pornographic film (banned and then re-instated) by the government. Not going to see the film, but this is a low class move from an actor to be doing this to a fellow actress. I do not like it one bit.

This is sexist and unprofessional, I do not approve of Haifa much, but a guy should not get away with this. He is grabbing her butt/back and hoping to get cheap laughs for the loser he has become.


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