Monday, January 26, 2015

Power Couple Goran Salih & Perwaz Hussein Celebrate "Kurdistan"

A Kurdish lady who can sing traveled far on Arab Idol and came close to winning the title. She has warmth, authenticity, and inner and outer beauty. This graceful lady is Perwaz Hussein. It was a well-known fact that her husband is also a musician--Her Arabic is much better than his. But this is not the topic, they sing in Kurdish and have done well for themselves. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein sang around the world to Kurdish communities.

They are great....but now they decided to do a song that celebrates the dream land where all Kurds aspire to live, a land known as Kurdistan. Somewhere in between, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. I happen to the like their music, and their pride and I think good things happen to people who work hard. Goran Salih and Perwaz Hussein clearly put the hours.      

This is a song that went viral and close to half a million people viewed it. Few things to clear, I've never been a manly man. Not keen on sports, action and do not like machismo. But Kurdistan has a big gun culture, even their women know how to fire a gun and fight a war.

Let's celebrate the iconography that comes from a long standing tradition. I am not get a word they are saying, but it's so close to Arabic music and culture and tongue (calm down not the same). I love the mountains, the nature and the rugged territories. This is some fertile land folks.  
Goran Salih ft Perwaz Hussein - Kurdistan - گۆران ساڵح - په‌رواز حسێن - كوردستان - (Kurdish Music)


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