Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hottie Strikes Again! Melissa In Jazeeret el Hob

Average pop songs are many, but when a hot and an attractive average pop songstress returns with anew one, you would want to hear it. Melissa who has been away form some years now, released a new single late late year. It was a romantic song from a girl to her new love. It feels like reading through a girl's diary.

The title of her song "The Love Island" and she found a good looking guy who looks like a real person. And there goes the love tale with the couple. Melissa is still looking her finest exotic self. It's a bit of a fashion show and Melissa looks a lot calmer than she has in the past. Also she is not doing her over the top self. The music video offers nothing new, but it does not distract from the song...so there you have it.

مليسا | جزيرة الحب | Melissa | Video Clip | Jazeeret el Hob


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