Monday, January 19, 2015

Adam, The Lebanese Low-Key Hit-maker In Egypt

The singer whose peers love him and his career flies under the radar is Adam, the young smart singer from Lebanon. He is the quite hit-maker, the guy who flies high and speaks less. He releases singles, about three a year, and does songs for TV shows and credit.

I do not think he is keen on releasing music videos, he has his own brand of songs--his signature voice is hard to replicate his style sets at a crossroad between the Lebanese pop school and the Egyptian pop school. He is sort of a bridge. He is a huge star in Egypt for his savvy songs about life and how things work out. He does romantic songs too, but those tend to do well at home. But his larger than life songs soar.

Like his song Eldonia or life.

اغنية ادم - الدنيا - 2013 adam - eldonia اجمل الاغانى


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