Thursday, January 8, 2015

Newbie of the day! Ebn Abbas in "ElHelm Nour -" @ibnabbass

This song is about dreams and the power one has. Ebn Abbas  wanted people to keep on dreaming and hoping for a better tomorrow, so he shared his message in a song. I think dreams are fine, but they cannot be the only thing we have right for us. We have to work toward making them become a reality.

The singer does not see himself as a professional singer, but he rather sees himself as someone who want to touch as many hearts as possible and to help changing as many lives as he could! This is nice and a change.

The son od Sudan came from the middle of nowhere with so little he is able to share his message of optimism with more people. So in Egypt he got signed up with Mazzika to get his music out. He is about family and I like his style. It's not easy to be hopeful but it's a new year and a new artist are always welcome. Ebn Abbas might be able to teach Egypt and us about the art of living and being a positive part of one's society. The glass is half full.

I love this, and I would like to see more from this inspirational figure with a million dollar smile. So dream and keep trying. Break free

ElHelm Nour - Ebn Abbas الحلم نور - ابن عباس


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