Thursday, January 15, 2015

Majida El Roumi Goes to #Kuwait To Sing And Gives Speeches

She went to Kuwait for a concert, her first in that country in 19 years. Majida El Roumi was there to open the concert, after all she is the voice that most Arab intellect listen to. She sang in Kuwait and she did very well. See her speak about her new album that she just started working on.

She made news headlines with his concert, and she shared with them some of her new and old songs. Her fan were in for a treat. She did give her speech before singing about how Kuwait is protected by the almighty. Is it me or does she seems on a low energy mode.  

People came for her old songs, but enjoyed her feel fluffy speeches. The live orchestra did a wonderful job, but folks came in to be her company. See her blow them away with her beloved classic Kalimat.

I think many of the millennials know the name, but they do not know why she is a big hit. I believe she has given the young music fans some flavors of her past legacy. Her Ghazal album was a nice one and it sold millions of copies, yet it's buried and we did not get to see a music video yet.

ماجدة الرومي لإيلاف: أبدأ التحضيرات لألبومي الجديد في فبراير


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