Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mohammed Mounir Loves Women, But Is Not Marrying One

Mohammed Mounir is a well-known Egyptian rock star whose approach to music different than most in the local music scene. The son of Southern Egypt (from Aswan) has been rocking the Arabic music scene for thirty something years and he is not slowing down.

The song below is one of his better known songs, "On Loving Women" about the adventure of falling in love with one, it's a funky song with a wonderful beat and recognizable melody that gets the masses to dance. It's hard to imagine a Mounir concert if he did not perform this song--it was released ini the early about ten years ago.

It was produced by the most celebrated Egyptian producer Nasr Mahrous and his Free Music label. He did get married last year for about a month and then filed divorce and he has been reported to have said, "I am not made out for marriage"

Mohammed Mounir - Fi 3esh2 El Banat "Live Concert" ... محمد منير - في عشق البنات "حفلة"


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