Thursday, January 1, 2015

Listen: Mohamed Fouad ‪#‎FO2SH2015‬Mohamed Fouad - Ya Asly محمد فؤاد - يا أصلى

Mohamed Fouad ‪is promising a new album soon, and now we have a song that gives us some clues of what we are in for. The good guy of Egyptian pop drops an album every three years and it stays with us for a long time. He has a habit of picking winners songs about love, life and those who appreciate in our lives. The cool guy who will never outgrow his talent. He is a hit-maker and a nice guy whose opinion matter.

Mohamed Fouad, the Egyptian son who relates to everyone in that land. His thing he never tries to be better than anyone, he is just one of the masses. A guy who came from humble origin and made it big. He always revisits those days in his music videos to give people hope.

His new song is about being real and keeping it real in a time when it pays not to be one self. Fouad or Fo'ash as his fans like to call him strikes a winner here and I cannot wait for the rest of the album. He has all the big names attached to his album and it's frankly an honor for most talented musicians to work with him. This time he is a free agent since he broke up with that Saudi company that has lost its way.
محمد فؤاد - يا اصلي - Master - من الالبوم القادم 2015

محمد فؤاد 2015 | يا أصلى | من ألبوم سلام


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