Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marawan El Margoushy: A Man Fantasy Song Bossy Men "kelmet La" Album 2013

It takes guts to release a new album in Egypt, it takes a certain level of crazy to introduce a new artist at this moment.
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This song is the national anthem for possessive men, and it comes in the new album by new pop star Marawan El Margoushy. While I like his voice, his style and his looks, I do not approve of this song. He comes across as a dreamy voice, on the upside, Marwan writes his lyrics and music, so he has an upper hand in the process of recording his debut album. his album is big on making promises, "I'm Yours..." and such.

If his target audience teenagers his messages has been delivered. This is decent pop album for those who want something easy and not too complicated, Marawan keeps both his lyrics and music pleasing to the soul. I think the scene can use some of these albums from a young man who has confidence and a coveted style.

Marawan El Margoushy-kelmet La Album 2013 promo

01 - Te3rafy
02 - Rayha We Gaya
03 - Law Kanet
04 - A3mel Eh
05 - Law Kan Kol El Kalam
06 - Kelmet La
07 - Esaly
08 - Faker Awel Mara
09 - Kan Bayen
10 - Faker Lama Kont Betmoot

Marawan El Margoushy-Te3rafee video Clip مروان المرجوشى- كليب تعرفى

Kelmet la-Marawan El Margoushy/ مروان المرجوشى-كلمة لا


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