Monday, January 12, 2015

Here's The Best Arabic Song About Snow And Winter

We do not get to see snow much in the Middle East, but much of the area has been covered with snow this past week. Sure thing Lebanon gets plenty of it on its mountains and hills. This is why the best song about snow did not come from Egypt, but from a land so cold that one needs a song about it. Fayrouz did sing it back in the seventies and it remains the song of the season.

Now, there are plenty of Arabic pop songs about rain, but not many about snow. This song is about Lebanon and the snow one sees. It's a classic and I got to hear about it because one of my favorite composters did a quick cover.

It's a classy song that many folks in Lebanon find it worthy as it speaks about the sun of freedom and love.

Btetloj El Deni/Salim Assaf (Cover)- سليم عساف/بتتلج الدني

بتتلج الدني فيروز


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