Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fat Girls Get A Funky Personal Song From Sarah El Gohary "Ballouna"

Bless Sarah El Gohary's heart her indie song just got picked by a music record, and the best part the song is about big girl (aka fat ladies) An independent Egyptian singer, songwriter, composer. Popular for transforming real life experiences into original compositions.She does not like to judge people, and wants not to be judged. I like that she has so many songs, but her most famous song is about the most personal topic to the artist.

I love her sense of humor, she is undeterred and can take  a joke. She has a good spirit and seems bubbly, who likes her life and wants you to know. The nice way to call someone fat, I guess is to call them a balloon in Arabic and that's the title of the song by Sarah. She is about easy-going. The song goes, I might be a bit overweight, but my body has flexibility. Number 13 is my favorite number, I am stubborn a little, crazy, tender and a balloon.

Something tells me Sarah is up to date on American pop culture, she even likes Stewie from Family Guy. I like her indie soul, and the style of the song feels like a Sundanese music show we used to watch as a kid. Her followup song is made for the club hopper in you, and the dancer inside. Hear it below

سارة الجوهرى - بلونة / Sarah El Gohary - Ballouna


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