Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wow! An Amazing Cover By The Fantastic Lydia Lyon @LyonessMusic

While the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri may be open fire, one Lydia Lyon from that part of the world is literary on fire. She is a rising young artist who has been taking stages across the United States as a sensational violinist and sultry vocalist. Lydia chose an Arabic song to cover, and that song happened to be for one of my all-time favorite artist. Amal Maher released this amazing song in 2011 and did a sweet job telling a love story.

Glad to see the song got the attention of Lydia who did the song's still random but some of the best things in the world are random. Wow! seeing this All-American artist perform the song, one cannot help but be dazzled. I got goose pump just watching the cover. This is a universal song now, and I am certain Amal will be flattered to see her song getting to more ears.

More on Lydia

Having begun her career at the age of 12 years old, she graced the stage along side many greats. Sharing stages with artists such as The Roots, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Lyon has created quite a buzz in the world of contemporary and traditional music.
By the time the young artist graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, she had already made her debut in mainstream media. Between her recording session and music video shoot with Wyclef Jean, her appearance on Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards with Kevin James, and her performance with Alison Krauss and the Eagles, she has certainly made noise since her move to Boston.

Now Lydia performs as an independent musician around the New England area. Her soulful sound and vocal precision graces many ears as she continues to dazzle her audiences.

Amal Maher - Aaraf Menin (Lydia Lyon Cover)

Amel Maher..Aaraf mini...آمال ماهر أعرف منين


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