Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Amr Diab Declares His Love To #Egypt From #Dubai- Balash Tebaed @amrdiab

Amr Diab does not speak much politics, he sings for money. And he makes hits often. Now he chose to sing for Egypt, calling it his love that he cannot get away from. But why did he move his home to be Dubai? Does that not hypocritical?

I like the guy and I love the song, but the only time Amr Diab is back in Egypt is if he is doing a concert over there. He moves his kids away from the land he claims to love. So, take it with a bucket of salt.

Home is home, he loves it no doubt, but it's not where he sees a future. It plays like a personal song about the nostalgic years he lived in that country. Amr Diab has done a lot for Egypt. He says he is proud to be an Egyptian yet he ditched all Egyptian music production companies and signed up with Saudi Rotana.

Another farce, the song was recorded and sold to Voda phone, a cellphone company that is not Egyptian. Practice what you preach.

Amr Diab - Balash Tebaed عمرو دياب - بلاش تبعد


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