Friday, January 16, 2015

The Arab James Brown Has a New Song Ahmed Adaweyah

Ahmed Adaweyah stands tall among his peers, he remains the unrivalled voice of authenticity found in the streets of Egypt, and in her most rugged neighborhoods. He sounds like the last happy guy who wants you to feel good. His voice is about elevating the marginalized people and making them feel good about their community.

This is why his songs are at every wedding, even though he has aged...but the artist within him released a new single and is working on anew album that will include six tracks. Ever since his stunning comeback in 2009 and he has been in the spotlight. Adaweyah came a long way from his days in the 80s where he would appear in movies and sing. Now he is an agreed upon voice and an essential Egyptian classic.

Hear him sing this folks song that has a natural dance beat and it radiated happiness. A song about families coming together and sharing sweets and beverages and gifting flowers.... I loved this surprise song and it really made my apartment a happy place and shows that you can make good songs without so much of the noise.

اغنية احمد عدوية - 100 بوسة ونص | كاملة | جديد 2015


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