Sunday, January 4, 2015

Amr Diab's Newest Song Is So Perfect "Mesh Kol Wahed" عمرو دياب ... مش كل واحد

Amr Diab returns with two singles, perhaps this song of his is the best one he had in the last ten years. It's a perfect song and it sounds very Amr Diab. The song is very wise and it's actually about both life and love. It's about distance but this time distance is not measured by inches or miles. But feeling rather close or away from the ones we love.

It makes a difference, you cannot help but fall in love with this song which tells you, Amr Diab makes two kinds of songs, ones that he has to make due to contracts and album arrangement, and another he makes them because he wants to. This one comes from the heart, he did not have to release it, but he did. And it's awesome.

The song is nothing new like some of the terrible songs he has experimented with, this one sounds like a song he would have done in the late 90s when he was everywhere. Back when each track of his was a hit, this song is a trip to that era when we loved the man and enjoyed his music. He did it again and this time they found a hit that fits to be added to his legacy, unlike many of his most recent releases that tend to take away from that huge legacy of his.

Amr Diab ... Mesh Kol Wahed - Mobinil Exclusive | عمرو دياب ... مش كل واحد - حصريا موبينيل


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