Monday, January 12, 2015

Egypt's Finest Vocalists Amal Maher And Sherin Jamming Session Released

Each of these two wonderful lead vocalists and pop artists can take anything, any word and make it sound like a hit, jut by using their voices and inner emotions. Hear Sherine, and Amal Maher as they try to figure out the song, they will perform. It seems like they are sitting in a private session with a musician of a composer--can be heard in the background.

They are doing covers of older classics, it feels so good to know these tow top ladies who have mastered the show business and the perfect-voice craft are sitting under one roof and seem to get along well as they battle with grace, class and sweetness.
Amal Maher FT Sherin - Layalina | امال ماهر و شيرين - ليالينا


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