Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amal Maher Sings The Last Great Arabic Song @amalmaher

This is a very wonderful song that clocks 16 minutes and comes in classical Arabic. a surprise song for a lady who does old-school songs justice. This time, the old soul song is all hers, an original song that comes when we began to question if we will ever see the golden age of Arabic music again. Amal Maher told us, Yes, we will and we can.

The song is about the past love, it paints a picture that will live in one's memory. The music is so fresh and so real. Thank to the live orchestra that made the song the special musical treat it is. The lyrics that feel like honey have been written by Diab Bin Sakhir Al Amri (native of Oman and a well-known poet) and the music is the work of Khalid Bin Hamad Al bos'eedy (an Omani business man who is dabbling into writing music). A new duo that I have not heard from before. Needless to say the trio have done a wonderful job and have given us a song that will give us hope.

Amal made a good call here and she was the right voice for this song, she has the training and the experience to make it a masterpiece. Songs like this are no longer easy to find, very few have the time and the talent to make them. Amal took a break from her new album to collaborate on this song and give the young and the old a song that can agree on.

آمال ماهر | الحب الذي كان | 2015


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