Wednesday, February 27, 2013

List Of Youngest Arab Singers By Names

  1. Natasha, Lebanese a combination between Nancy Ajram and Warda! She is young, talented and under 20 years of age. Her father is a musician by training and her brother runs the business side. I love her many characters she is able to produce. She can be pop and fun, but when needed she can be classy and deliver heavy doze of mellow pure Arabic hits with the oldie flavor. She has two albums, but I think Rotana is not helping her career. Video
  2. Carmin Solimna, Egyptian who finished high school this year, she shot to fame by winning the Arab Idol contest. She comes from a loving family and has yet to release one single original song. But the tracks she has left behind cover the classics. She has an astonishing voice that can move water and breaks glasses. She can convey complex emotions with few vocal notes. With Carmin the sky is the limit. She is a free agent, but she is often contracted for nights of music in big galas and cultural events. Video  
  3. George Zogheb, the youngest on the list. He is a preteen, but his music is not for the young ones, but rather who those who have lived in the 60s and 70s. He also loves Lebanon and his first original song is made for the motherland. He appears in concerts around Lebanon and slowly but surely he is making a big splash every where he goes. On the list, he knows the most about making music as he is well trained on the Oud.      

جورج زغيب - قارئة الفنجان


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