Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listen: Nassif Zeytoun "Larmik Bbalach" ناصيف زيتون - لارميك ببلاش - 2013

Ouch, this is the song you can play as you walk away from a relationship that's not working. Thanks to Nassif Zeytoun, the dude hit-maker and Star Academy winner brings it all out with his new slick song. A breakup song that we needed...I love the line

"I Won't Sell you (as give up on you), I will give you away for free" This charming young and talented Syrian has a new image to sell and I love that tattoos with various Arabic words on his left arm. I am certain, some may hear is like a breakup song with president Bashar Al Assad, but it's what it is. A good breakup song made just right.

ناصيف زيتون - لارميك ببلاش - 2013


  1. I like the song it goes well with his voice!

  2. he is with the syrian regime, just like anyone with common sense, not a brain washed moron. it is not for bashar, he has song for him and many "real" syrians are grateful for him