Saturday, February 9, 2013

Enjoy: حماده هلال - دعوة خير Hamada Helal - Daawit Kheer

Blame nobody and reach out to not a hippie talk but a real song by Egyptian Hamada Helal. A Song about the little ones, he is appealing to all the Arabs and Muslims to stand next to the children in Egypt at those tough times.....while most are talking politics....few realize that children are suffering as a result of adults not acting likes adults.

Not sure what inspired the song, maybe Hamada is up for a new charity that he likes and supports. Whatever it's, this is a sweet song from a very sweet man who has always rose to the occasion. This time he is not crying the fallen, but the ones that are about to.

His compassionate plea comes at the end when he urges the Arab folks to come to the rescue of the little ones in Egypt. The stories Hamada bring out are too real and by far there are too many of them.

حماده هلال - دعوة خير Hamada Helal - Daawit Kheer


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